about us

The EBUA is the unified governing body for qualified Bowls Umpires in England. We have just over 600 members at various grades: Markers, Regional, National and International Umpires.

We are responsible for appointing Umpires to any events as requested by the local, national and international governing bodies of the Sport of Bowls.

Our umpires undergo an intensive training and development program from new candidates through to experienced international officials.

our structure

The Association is run by an Executive Committee consisting of the Officers of the Association and six Area Secretaries.

We have divided England into six geographical regions with up to seven counties in each Area.


Area Secretaries conduct the business within these areas. See Contacts page.

life members

We are proud to have the following as life members: These people provide valuable experience and expertise to the association:

Mavis Wellington,

Allan Thornhill,

Peter Price,

Max Richards,

Jean Huish,

Allan Higgins,

Vernon Findell,

Alex Duckworth,

Jessie Clark,

Brian Burton.

join us

The Association has a comprehensive application form, which covers various levels of membership. Please contact your county representative for their assistance if needed.

Go to Documentation to download the Application Form.